Sunday, March 24, 2013

Artistic Photo Canvas

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Several years ago, I had a canvas made of a mosaic of family pictures. It came out OK but I wasn't completely satisfied so next time I decided to give Artistic Photo Canvas a try and I was absolutely delighted with the result. On one order, a reprint of a photo taken in the 1920's, the APC rep called me to see if I wanted them to do any retouching on the photo! I was pleased and impressed that there was someone actively tuning the process to make sure my canvas came out the best it could be. To my astonishment, I now find that I've now ordered 11 canvases through APC!

Here is a picture of the latest - a photo that Meg took years ago in Fort Worth, TX of circus elephants being led through the streets to be watered. I'm again delighted with the result - though we're still looking for it's permanent place in our home.

If you're thinking of getting a canvas made, I highly recommend these guys - they do awesome work!

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