Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Really Can't Stand Roger Clemens.

Through five innings, Roger is no-hitting the Red Sox. By contrast, our young buck Josh Beckett is struggling and has given up three runs so far. I can't believe that I have to put up with Roger freakin' Clemens no-hitting us through five. How hard can it be to hit that tomato?

Here's hoping for some chin music from Beckett to keep them off the plate and to some more patience from the Red Sox hitters.

Beckett is gaining some control and some focus. I smell some good stuff in the later innings...

Deva the Cat.

Deva, who is the bookish cat you never see, recently caught up with our new giclee that we found in New Harbor on our vacation. We've never noticed this artistic side of her before...

Speaking of strange connections, in researching giclee, we discover that this form of high quality ink jet reproduction was pioneered by Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer Balloons

After an unsettled day, the late afternoon yesterday was gorgeous with lots of slanting orange sunlight. The ballooners must have sensed that as they were up and enjoying the evening.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bear Strike.

We got hit this morning.

We put up some seed feeders this summer near our new backyard garden in an effort to promote bird habitation. It's worked wonderfully as we've had assorted birds there that we've not had since we moved into the house.

This morning however, the feeders attracted another kind of wildlife. Nina (aka "The Black Sentinel") alerted us about 5:30AM and we looked out to see a Momma and two cubs. The Mom raided the feeders - we tuned in as she was lumbering back to the cubs with one of the feeders in her mouth. After some dining, all three moved off into the woods.
Once there was no sign of the black marvels, I wandered out to see what had become of our feeder area. Hmmm...

Friday, August 10, 2007

More Kayaking...

Well, not really. As we were finishing up our paddle yesterday, we came back by The Contented Sole, a dockside restaurant that we've enjoyed. As we approached, we realized that the music we were hearing was indeed live. In fact, there was a Dixieland Band playing Sweet Georgia Brown as we made our way underneath their wharf! Meg snapped this picture with the tuba player and a gull enjoying the show!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


We did a little kayaking this afternoon in the Damariscotta River and St. John's Bay. Meg snapped this picture of me, with an amazing sky overhead outside St. John's Bay.

We got a nice look at a number of cormorants. This guy decided we were getting too close for comfort.

The really good news is that neither Meg nor I dumped ourselves or our cameras into the water. That's 2-0 we're ahead! Not clear we should press our luck next year...

Back Cove...

A shot of the Back Cove at New Harbor through the trees from across the cove...

Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve.

This may be our favorite place in New Harbor. We stopped by near low tide as the day was turning towards sunlight. Meg found this crab and got him to pose for the camera.

This is the view from the salt pond over towards Long Cove...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We went on a Puffin cruise tonight and though the fog was *very* thick, we saw a lot of puffins. Here are a bunch taking off as those pesky humans get too close...

Foggy Morning...

It was a foggy morning here after a considerable amount of rain yesterday afternoon and some more overnight. Though I slept in, it was still foggy when I took the short walk over to the Back Cove and took this sleepy shot.

This is the bridge that crosses over the stream into Back Cove. It's often filled with folks dropping a line in the water but not this morning...

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

We spent yesterday enjoying the grounds of the relatively new Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. It is a magical place combining natural gardens with art, mostly sculpture.

This shot shows the Meditation Garden, a beautiful construction of rock and plants near the beginning of our walk.

Perhaps the most whimsical part of our walk was the Fairy Village located in a forested section. There are several standing sculptures - a cat and a bear - inside a fenced area enclosing a number of small "fairy houses" which visitors are invited to build - but only out of "non-living" materials. It's rather beautiful and strange. Later on our walk, we found more of these fairy houses in a completely unrelated part of the gardens.

As we returned to the Visitors Center, this is a shot of the pergolas with clematis climbing up the side and cone flowers in the foreground.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


We have seen this fine fellow on our front porch the last couple mornings. We're not really sure how he climbs the stairs but he does!

He's very sleepy...