Monday, June 11, 2012

Basel and Germany

After several days of meetings in Ghent, I flew to the EuroAirport in Basel Switzerland. Despite the grand name, it's a very manageably sized airport.

I arrived right on time via EasyJet from Amsterdam and was ready to meet Meg (coming from Boston through Charles de Gaulle in Paris) about an hour after I landed. 

This did not happen.

After seeing Meg's flight canceled on the arrivals board and speaking to her on the phone, I learned that due to a French transportation strike, the flight was not flying. I looked into other transport (driving to Paris, rail) before concluding our best shot was to wait and hope the flight would eventually fly.

So I rented our car for the upcoming week and walked around every nook and corner of the EuroAirport visiting the huge art display called the "Luminator" by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely.

In time, Meg's flight did fly. She arrived in Basel nearly four hours late but I deemed that a victory after contemplating our other options. We jumped in the car and hit the road stopping first in the small and beautiful town of Staufen, Germany for a very late lunch. The food was delicious, the day gorgeous and the town very picturesque.

We reluctantly left town after stopping at Cafe Decker (highly recommended!) and loading up on some delicious chocolates and headed North to Baden-Baden.

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