Saturday, June 16, 2012


Our day in Baden-Baden was too short instigating a new rule that we never stay only one night in any one place. We started our tour by walking just up the hill by the Stiftskirche.

Alongside the church, there were these giant elevated clay pots. I wish I knew more about the back story here; do you?

Baden-Baden is all about hot springs (I didn't realize until this trip that "Baden" means "Bath" in German) and there are many of them all around the city including near the church. As a result, the local flora is almost tropical despite Baden-Baden being further north than Fort Kent, Maine.

Nearby is a public fountain with 105℉ water flowing out! This was a new thing for me.

The streets of Baden-Baden range from quiet, twisted and picturesque to more energetic, commercial and touristy. Here is a not so busy intersection near our hotel.

We next made the transition to the busier section of town. Sadly we did not have the time to stop in and sample the Budweiser (Czech, not Belgian) at Restaurant Prager Stuben.

A colorful hotel restaurant in the main section of Baden-Baden.

Sometimes you see interesting things walking the streets of a foreign city.

We walked over to the famous Kurhaus Casino - felt by Marlene Dietrich to be "the most beautiful casino in the world" and home to the NATO summit in 2009. We briefly checked out the interior but did not partake.

And then back across the canal into town, back to our hotel to reluctantly check out and hit the road. 

Next stop: Strasbourg, France on the way to Colmar.

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