Sunday, June 9, 2013

Portuguese Day Trip: Beer

The language barrier in Portugal was minimal. Almost everyone we met spoke very serviceable English. We took the advice from Rick Steves and others of learning a few words in Portuguese at least to demonstrate that we were trying. However the words I used the most when dining in Portugal (and the dining was exceptional) were simple: "Two Large Beers please". 

These words were always understood and the results were consistently gratifying. In terms of progressive beer production, Portugal is stuck in the last century. There are basically two giant breweries that create the same lousy mass market beer you grew up with as a kid - wait, you know what I mean.

The downside: unexciting beer and limited selection.

The upside: you don't even have to specify a brand when you order! Just order "beer" and you'll get what they have. Also, the beer wasn't bad at all - I completely enjoyed it - as my Dad always said "as long as it's cold and wet...". Finally this regular beer was very low in alcohol so you bypassed the problem of trying a couple delicious and fascinating beers only to stand up and then fall down.

So everywhere I went it was either "Sagres" or "Super Bock". Everyone had it. It was consistent. It was large. It was easy or order and I completely enjoyed it. Plus it was great with the grilled fish which we ate consistently for the first two thirds of the trip.


  1. Tyler, I love the way you write. Very fun to read and imagine .... love you sis

  2. Ty, I've always said the all the Spanish I need to know is, "Dos Dos Equis por favor.