Friday, July 1, 2011

Squirrel Week - Episode 4 - The finale

It has come to my attention that not everyone enjoys observing the callous indifference that our squirrel and chipmunk friends have for our plans, whether those plans include putting seed out for the birds or growing geraniums free from the wanton deadheading of mischievous red squirrels.

I certainly won't attempt to change your mind about such things but I will point out the simple joy in letting go and watching how nature decides to conduct itself. It's sometimes cute, sometimes comical, sometimes family oriented and some times decidedly menacing and without mercy. I'm entertained by the former and squeamish but accepting of the latter especially when we find our predatory friends (foxes and raptors) in our neighborhood.

In the end I'm thankful for the opportunity to see all these creatures doing their thing despite the huge messy, destructive footprint we humans have made on the land. When I think of our impact, I really would prefer not to control whether the red squirrel misbehaves and nips of the near blooming bud of the geranium. I'm just psyched he's here and having a good day!

Oh and sometimes it's just funny.

Have a great Friday Red!

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