Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day (continued...)

As I've made my way through this Memorial Day, I'm thinking of another veteran in my family who deserves our thanks. My brother in law Mike is a Vietnam veteran whose experience during those years was anything but positive. However in recent years, he has embarked on a pretty amazing mission: to visit Vietnam memorials in all fifty states.

I was able to join Mike and his friend and fellow veteran Steve as they visited memorials in New Hampshire and Vermont. Everywhere we went, folks were interested to hear Mike's story and to help him find that elusive tiny memorial - or stretch of road - dedicated to a local hero who served in Vietnam.

I spent less than two days with Mike and Steve and quickly learned what an emotional roller coaster this venture is. At the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetary in Boscawen, NH, we learned that someone comes every night to play taps at sundown. Every night. Rain, shine or snow. The night we visited was no different.

Mike got to know this story, he got to know and thank the trumpeter (who was originally from the Upper Valley) and to include this as a chapter in his 50 state quest.

Read the details of all Mike's travels in his blog.


  1. Ty, what a wonderful tribute to the many in your family who have served. I am honored to have been included and hope to return to the area in the future to visit more sites. I look forward to seeing you and Meg then.


  2. Ty, I'm behind. This memorial day contribution of yours is so special.
    love sis