Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I don't see as many balloons here as I used to on Barker Road. That was after all, just up the road from the Post Mills Airport, home of ballooners and gliders (soarers?) alike. However, the other evening Meg and I noticed this colorful balloon up North of us. I pulled out the camera and started shooting. It was the best example I've had yet of experiencing a total disregard for snapping way too many pictures - ah the joys of a big blank SD card!

After a bit I realized the balloon was coming almost directly towards me. This shot came just before he passed into the trees and landed two houses over from us. Though the descent didn't look planned, it apparently was as someone was waiting for him on the ground. In no time, they had the balloon packed up and were on their way.

I do miss the gliders I used to see at Barker Road. The planes would come almost directly over the house from the North, laboring to pull the glider up. Then some time later, if you scanned the sky, you'd see them silently soaring. Must be great fun.

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  1. Tyler, I didn't remember that you were able to experience so many gliders at Barker Road. How beautiful! I'm so happy for the two of you, that your "sky watching' is still fruitful! This photos is stunning!